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Homemade Smoked Pepperoni

Grind your own meats, use leftover big game burger or run to the market for some ground meat animal protein to make your own spicy sticks. By: Andy Lightbody | Photos by: Kathy Mattoon One of the best-tasting, easy-to-pack and satisfying meats from the smoked sausage families of treats is homemade pepperoni! Once packaged, pepperoni rolls and sticks are a great trail snack, super-treats for the kids, and an all-around  ideal choice for adding some zing and flavor to a variety of either home-cooked or camping meals. Sliced thin or cubed into tiny chunks, it is a great hunting/fishing camp...

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Easy Tips to Get the Best Smoked Salmon

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Here are some easy tips to get the best smoked salmon (or trout), like how to solve common issues like having your salmon getting stuck to your grills.  Keep your salmon from sticking to your grills... You can spray your grills with pam or whatever else and people will tell you in won't stick... well, it's gonna stick, we guarantee it. Try some Drying Screens, they fit right on your grills and the salmon won't stick to them. Plus you can take them right out and put them in the dishwasher to clean them. It's easy and simple and eliminates the...

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Original Smoked Salmon Recipe

This recipe is perhaps the best smoked salmon recipe we have discovered in over 40 years of making smoked salmon with our Big Chief and Little Chief Electric Smokers. It’s basic, it’s simple, and it consistently makes absolutely mouth-watering smoked salmon. With just two ingredients, salt and brown sugar, it couldn’t be any easier to produce the best smoked salmon recipe you’ve ever made.

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