Smokehouse Recipes

Smokey Wild Game Steaks

There’s not much that can beat a smokey, juicy, flavorful wild game steak hot off the grill. However, wild game is lean and you don’t want it spending much time over high heat. If you want quick cooking and smoke flavor, the Smokehouse Smoker Box will be your new favorite cooking gadget. By firing up one side of the grill, you’ll get the steaks searing while the smoker box–set up on the cool side of the grill–will pump deep smokey flavor into the meat in a surprisingly short amount of time. Once the steaks are done, if you have pellets,...

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Cold Smoked Elk Steaks

A smokin’ twist to a classic elk steak recipe! Recommended Products: Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator, Smokehouse® Cherry BBQ Pellets Elk tenderloin and backstraps often produce the best steaks around our neck of the woods. So when it came time to dig out some backstraps from the freezer, I wanted to make sure we used our favorite recipe. When it comes to smoking meats or fish, I’ve grown up using the Big Chief and Little Chief smokers. Well now there’s the Smoke Chief ( The Smoke Chief is a cold smoke generator that attaches to any grill to add smoke…...

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