Smoked Trout on a Budget

Use your “freezer fish,” and avoid fishmonger sticker shock! Depending on where you live, it seemed like a long and cold winter, where cleaning out the freezer of last season’s salmon and trout fillets just wasn’t in the cards. Now that most of the “arctic blasts” are over, it’s time to start reliving some of last year’s great angling memories and making room for some of the fresh fish from springtime adventures that are just around the corner! The big bonuses for doing some “refrig-rummaging” is that not only are you going to win a few points from your significant-other...

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Italian Smoked Salmon

This unique twist to a smoked salmon recipe was written by Tiffany Haugen and originally posted on We would recommend smoking the salmon using a Big Chief or Little Chief as the constant low temperature is ideal for smoking salmon, trout and other types of fish. For smoke flavor, we'd recommend using Smokehouse® Alder Wood Chips with the Big Chief or Little Chief. Or if you're using a gas smoker, Smoke Chief, grill or other device, try Smokehouse® Alder Wood Chunks or Smokehouse® Alder BBQ Pellets. Other flavors such as apple, cherry, hickory and mesquite are also available to pick from....

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Grilling with Wood Planks

Written By: Smokehouse Products

Grilling with wood planks, or plank cooking, can be done in three easy steps. Begin with an Alder or Cedar Wood Grilling Plank by Smokehouse Products. Each package contains 3 planks that will add delicious wood smoke flavor to everything you grill or barbecue! The planks also make a great gift for the Grill Master at your house! Choose the Alder Grilling Planks for a light, sweet flavor for poultry, fish, pork and vegetables. Our Cedar Grilling Planks impart a deep, smooth flavor perfect for fish, beef and pork. 3 EASY STEPS: Soak the wood grilling plank in water for...

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