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Smoked Whiskey Cocktails

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Whether you spell it whisky (Scotland) or whiskey (USA/Ireland), adding a little smoke to it will make just about any cocktail more interesting. To amp up the smoke flavors, virtually any ingredient can be smoked prior to creating a unique cocktail. Adding smoke to water for smoked ice cubes is a great way to bring smokiness to non-alcoholic drinks as well. 

Smoked Whiskey Cocktails

Cold Smoke Directions: 

Fill Smokehouse Smoke Chief with Smokehouse Apple Pellets. Set up the Smoke Chief in a grill or smoker so that is blows smoke into the unit when the lid or door is closed. Place liquid ingredients like apple cider, whiskey and honey, in shallow bowls or containers so the smoke with reach the most surface area. Place other ingredients on a Smokehouse Easy Clean Drying Screens. Turn on Smoke Chief and shut the lid or door. Smoke 60 - 90 minutes.

Smokehouse Drying Screens

Smoked Whiskey Cocktails

Smoked Ice Directions: 

To smoke ice, place water in a shallow pan and smoke using the Smoke Chief 60 - 90 minutes. Pour smoked water into ice cube trays and freeze overnight.

Smoked Whiskey Cocktails

Smoked Whiskey Cocktails

Smoked Whiskey on a Smoked Rock:

3/4 oz. Smoked Water

3/4 oz. Smoked Whiskey

Smoke water as directed above. Fill a shot or glass of choice, half full of water. Place in freezer at a tilted angle so water will freeze like a wedge. Freeze overnight. Pour smoked whiskey over ice wedge and serve immediately. 

Smoked Whiskey Cocktails

Smoked Adult Iced Tea:

4 oz. Smoked Black Tea

1 oz. Fresh squeezed orange juice, smoking optional

1 oz. Fresh squeezed lemon juice, smoking optional

Smoked Honey, optional

1 oz. Smoked Whiskey

2 Slices of Ginger

1 Slice of Orange

1 Slice of Lemon

Smoked Ice Cubes

Cut two small oranges or one large orange in half, reserving one slice for garnish. Cut 1/2 lemon, reserving one slice for garnish. Smoke remaining ingredients ad directed above. Mix all ingredients, sweetening with smoked honey to taste. Serve over smoked ice cubes.

Smoked Whiskey Cocktails

Smoked Whiskey Cocktail

Smoked Whiskey Cocktails

Smokey Apple Sipper: 

6 oz. Smoked Apple Cider

6 Whole Cloves

1 Cinnamon Sticks

1 - 2 oz. Smoked Whiskey

Cinnamon Sugar to rim the glass

Smoked Apple Slices

To make cinnamon sugar, mix ground cinnamon and white sugar (1/2 teaspoon cinnamon to 1 tablespoon white sugar.) Sprinkle cinnamon sugar mixture on a plate. Moisten the rim of the serving mug and dip into the cinnamon sugar. Place cinnamon stick and cloves in the serving mug. Warm smoked apple cider and smoked whiskey in a microwave or small sauce pan. Serve warm with smoked apple garnish. 

Smoked Whiskey Cocktails

Smoked Whiskey Cocktails

Recipe by Tiffany Haugen

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