Smoked Roasted Corn Salsa and Tomatillo Salsa Verde

It can be as easy to make your own smoked salsas using your Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator as placing your favorite salsa recipe is a large shallow non-reactive container such as pyrex pie dishes in your grill and cold-smoking for one hour for a light smoke taste or 2 hours for a heavier taste. You can also smoke your raw ingredients such as sliced tomato, sliced onions, or halved and cleaned chilies or peppers and cold-smoking before chopping into salsa. Smoked chillies, peppers, and onions can also be cold-smoked alone to use in other dishes, such as chili, ragu’’s,...

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Smoked Steelhead Candy

Smoking fish is a favorite preparation of many anglers and home cooks. Whether you have a fresh caught fish, one in the freezer from a previous fishing trip or pick up a nice fillet from your local seafood market, smoking it up is a treat everyone will enjoy. Fish can be either cold smoked or hot smoked but all smoked fish needs to be brined in a wet or dry brine before smoking. Styles of cold and hot smoked fish vary greatly and depending on your preference can yield moist, almost rare fish to the opposite extreme of being dry,...

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Homemade Smoked Pepperoni

Grind your own meats, use leftover big game burger or run to the market for some ground meat animal protein to make your own spicy sticks. By: Andy Lightbody | Photos by: Kathy Mattoon One of the best-tasting, easy-to-pack and satisfying meats from the smoked sausage families of treats is homemade pepperoni! Once packaged, pepperoni rolls and sticks are a great trail snack, super-treats for the kids, and an all-around  ideal choice for adding some zing and flavor to a variety of either home-cooked or camping meals. Sliced thin or cubed into tiny chunks, it is a great hunting/fishing camp...

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