Smokehouse Recipes

Smoked Mexican Corn on the Cob

SMOKED MEXICAN CORN ON THE COB When corn is in season it is always the number one go-to side dish/vegetable/starch. Some people might not think there is anything better than an ear of corn slathered in butter and sprinkled with salt, but those folks may have never sunk their teeth into an ear of Mexican street corn, also referred to as Elote or if cut from the cob, Esquites. Smoking the corn the Big Chief or Little Chief Smoker for 30 minutes prior to grilling will take the experience to an even higher culinary level. Easy and inexpensive to put...

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Smoked Roasted Corn Salsa and Tomatillo Salsa Verde

It can be as easy to make your own smoked salsas using your Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator as placing your favorite salsa recipe is a large shallow non-reactive container such as pyrex pie dishes in your grill and cold-smoking for one hour for a light smoke taste or 2 hours for a heavier taste. You can also smoke your raw ingredients such as sliced tomato, sliced onions, or halved and cleaned chilies or peppers and cold-smoking before chopping into salsa. Smoked chillies, peppers, and onions can also be cold-smoked alone to use in other dishes, such as chili, ragu’’s,...

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