Smokehouse Recipes

Smoked Trail Mix Granola

  SMOKED TRAIL MIX GRANOLA  Trail mix is a must have for the "trail" of course, but it's also nice to have around for a healthy snack or quick breakfast parfait with yogurt and fruit. In this recipe, adding a hint of smoke to the oats gives the granola a deeper flavor profile. If looking to add even more smokiness, the nuts, butter and honey can also be smoked.  INGREDIENTS: 3 cups old fashioned rolled oats 1 cup sweetened coconut 1 cup chopped almonds 1 cup chopped peanuts 1/2 cup raisins 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup honey or maple syrup...

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Extra Spicy Smoked Pepperoni

EXTRA SPICY SMOKED PEPPERONI If you can't find a pepperoni spicy enough, it's time to make your own! While this recipe contains many types of heat, additional ingredients can be added and amounts can be changed to suit any heat-tolerance level. The rule of thumb with peppers is if using fresh, be sure to saute them first; if using whole dried, be sure to grind them in a coffee grinder or with a mortar and pestle; if using pickled, canned or jarred, be sure to blot excess moisture with a paper towel or clean dishcloth before adding to the meat...

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Smoked Philly Cheese Steaks

SMOKED PHILLY CHEESE STEAKS There's nothing that compares to the experience of eating a cheese steak sandwich at Jim's Steaks on South Street in Philadelphia. But making your own with a touch of smoke added to a few of the ingredients will have you making this go-to sandwich when serving a crowd. There are no hard-and-fast rules when loading up a cheese steak, so feel free to add sauteed mushrooms, marinara sauce, or another cheese of choice, like the more "authentic" Cheese Whiz.  INGREDIENTS: 2 pounds rib-eye or sirloin (beef or venison) 1 Tablespoon Smokehouse Black Pepper Jerky Seasoning (or...

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Quick Smokey Shrimp Kebabs

QUICK SMOKEY SHRIMP KEBABS Shrimp is always a favorite and when you add a touch of smoke it becomes even more special. Shrimp doesn't take much time at all in the smoker to absorb flavor. To make meal prep even quicker, use pre-cooked frozen shrimp for your next kebab extravaganza. Just be careful not to over-smoke or over-cook the shrimp. A few minutes in the smoker and a few minutes on the grill is all it takes for this visually impressively and tasty meal. INGREDIENTS: 1 pound pre-cooked, pre-cleaned shrimp 6 whole mushrooms 6 whole cherry tomatoes 2-3 cups chopped...

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Smoked Biltong

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SMOKED BILTONG Throughout the southern countries of Africa, Biltong reigns as the most popular way to preserve meats of any kind. Be it kudu, ostrich or beef, Biltong is a kind of jerky you just can't get enough of. Spices and seasonings vary slightly but this recipe uses signature flavors of coriander, black pepper and vinegar to replicate traditional Biltong. Although Biltong is almost always cut thick and air dried - sometimes in the open-air, sometimes in special "Biltong-boxes," - we are using hot smoke to preserve the meat in this recipe. This is more of a Biltong-inspired jerky recipe...

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