Smokehouse Recipes

Teriyaki Jerky Two Ways

TERIYAKI JERKY TWO WAYS The definition of jerky is simply dried meat, but the way it can be prepared runs the gamut. Wild game, beef, pork, turkey, waterfowl; smoked, dehydrated, air-dried; salted, sweetened, spiced; meat cut with the grain, against the grain, thick sliced, thin sliced or ground are just a few of the decisions that come to mind when I set out to make the jerky. Let's keep it simple and focus on two ways to make jerky using Smokehouse Teriyaki Jerky Seasoning. Other Smokehouse Seasonings that can be used are Red Pepper Jerky Seasoning, Black Pepper Jerky Seasoning. and...

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Jerky Chips in the Little Chief Smoker

JERKY CHIPS IN THE LITTLE CHIEF SMOKER When developing recipes on a daily basis, there are no shortages of failures and wrong turns. Some of those disasters however, lead to success. The first jerky chips I tasted appeared to be a complete bust, mostly because I was making traditional jerky and I didn't think it should crunch when I bit into it. It was a light bulb moment as I thought, "Hey, this is like eating a potato chip." My family liked them too, so the next several batches of jerky I made, I started experimenting with flavors and meat...

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