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How to Fillet a Salmon and Prepare it for Smoked Salmon

Written By: Smokehouse Products

Salmon fishing legend Herb Good demonstrates how to fillet a salmon in less than a minute. He will show you two different techniques to fillet a salmon, one with a gutted fish and the other technique with a whole fish. Each technique to fillet a salmon will show you how to cut off the fins, including the dorsal, adipose and other fins, plus how to handle the rib bones, cartilage areas and other details so that you end up with a beautiful fillet without hack marks. Herb will also show you how to cut and prepare the salmon for any smoked salmon recipe. How he slices the salmon will be sure to give you even thicknesses and excellent presentation when smoking your salmon. This is important for getting consistent results when smoking your salmon with our Big Chief and Little Chief Electric Smokers. Be sure to check out a continuation to this video where Herb Good shows how to smoke salmon with the original smoked salmon recipe of just salt and brown sugar.

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Created on Posted by Smokehouse Products Comment Link

Allen, for a knife similar to the one in this video, try the Victorinox 40133 breaking knife

Created on Posted by Allen Bahr Comment Link
what kind of knife (s) are you using? recommendations. Thank you.
Created on Posted by Smokehouse Products Comment Link

Hey Paul, try the Victorinox 40133 breaking knife. It’s like using a samurai sword to fillet your salmon.

Created on Posted by paul Comment Link

nice video. I like the knife Herb was using. What kind? I have been using the wrong knife. thanks Paul

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