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We’ve been making jerky in our smokers since 1968, and we’re proud to say this is our favorite jerky gun ever. It’s packed with features and can produce a lot...
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We’ve been making jerky in our smokers since 1968, and we’re proud to say this is our favorite jerky gun ever. It’s packed with features and can produce a lot of jerky and pepperoni snack sticks in a hurry.

The Smokehouse Jerky Gun comes with two stainless steel tips, one for making jerky strips and the other for round snack sticks (which is what we love to use for making pepperoni). The mechanism is made of corrosion resistant metal for years of trouble free service. The tube is one of the largest in the industry and can handle nearly 1 lb. of ground meat per load. The handle is machined aluminum making it extremely durable and lightweight for ease of use.

Making your own homemade jerky and pepperoni is easy to do. Just fill the tube on the jerky gun with ground meat seasoned with one of our fine Smokehouse Jerky Dry Rub & Mix seasonings, our Smokehouse Pepperoni Sausage Mix or your own recipe. Attach one of the two tips included; then squeeze the handle for jerky strips or sticks. Place the strips or sticks on the Smokehouse Drying Screens for easy handling and cleanup, then place them right in the smoker (or even your oven).

*Smokehouse Tip: The Jerky Gun’s round stainless steel tip can also be used to stuff 19mm sausage casings if you want to make traditional pepperoni snack sticks that have a little snap to them.

Here is a list of features for the Smokehouse Jerky Gun…

All-Metal Jerky Gun Mechanism
Two Stainless Steel Tips (flat strips and round sticks)
Large Capacity Tube – Holds Nearly 1 Pound of Ground Meat
Durable and Lightweight Aluminum Handle
Easy to Clean Removable Meat Tube


Since 1968, Smokehouse Products has been building smokers that have been used by our father, and our father's father. It is a tradition to come together with family and friends to share the heritage of producing only the best smoked foods. It is time we share it with you.

Customer Reviews

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Jerky Gun

Is the jerky gun dishwasher safe

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. You will want to hand wash the tube for the Jerky gun, but all other parts you are fine to put in the Dishwasher.

Dave Arsenault
More than satisfied

I purchased the smokehouse jerky gun in Feb. 2022. I was using it frequently trying out different recipes for sausage meat sticks and ground meat jerky. The gun works really well is easy to handle and not a strain to squeeze out the meat. About a month after purchase the ring holding the nozzle cracked and popped off the tube. I contacted Smokehouse and the ring was replaced immediately without question. The gun itself works really well. Customer service is what my review is all about. Thank you for the prompt speedy reply
Dave Ottawa Canada

Gary Grimm
That's a killer pepperoni gun!!

Just to let you folks know, since I sent back the element that would not work with my early 70's Little Chief, We bought the new Big Chief. Wow what a difference! I smoked salmon years ago, but thought I would try the Smokehouse jerky gun. Just in a short period, we have made 3 batches of brined jerky and two batches of the hamburger pepperoni , at 5lbs. of meat each time. Just right for the Big Chief! All we have gotten is raves from everybody that has gotten a chance to sample and get some to take home. That explains the reason for so many batches back to back! Yesterday I took in a small bundle of pepperoni into my dentists office, (a good friend) and told him it was for a evening snack with a beer. He called and said that he had let his assistants sample it. When it was time to go, there was none to be found. So I have another 5lbs of pepperoni smoking right now, and replace his loss once again! I just thought I would send this to you folks for a little chuckle on a Friday afternoon. PS that's a killer pepperoni gun!!

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