Mimi Moto Ultimate Wood-Fired Cookstove

ULTIMATE WOOD-FIRED COOKSTOVE. Wood-fired cooking now available in a portable camp stove. The Mimi Moto is fueled by wood and can be used to cook, grill, griddle, boil water and...
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ULTIMATE WOOD-FIRED COOKSTOVE. Wood-fired cooking now available in a portable camp stove. The Mimi Moto is fueled by wood and can be used to cook, grill, griddle, boil water and as a heater (among other uses). Forget cooking on portable gas stoves and carrying propane cylinders in your car. The Mimi Moto is bringing clean, wood-fired cooking and heating to families that are car camping, RVing, ice fishing, emergency preparedness and more.


  • Above 50% thermal efficiency
  • Exchangeable burning chambers
  • Continuous cooking
  • On grid USB charging and off grid solar power (optional)
  • Up to 20,000 BTU's of heat
  • Low carbon monoxide and particulate matter emissions
  • Optimized for all cooking tasks
  • Internal rechargeable battery


The Mimi Moto works as a forced air gasifier stove by gasifying wood instead of burning it directly (like in an open fire). The extracted gasses burn as a clean and controllable flame through the use of the integrated variable fan. Here in the US, it's recommended to burn hardwood BBQ pellets in the Mimi Moto.


The Mimi Moto has two patented exchangeable burners that can handle any cooking situation. The large burn chamber produces a high power flame for cooking with large pots or when high heat is needed, up to 20,000 BTU. The small burn chamber is specifically designed for low power simmering.

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 California Proposition 65 WarningCancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Product

This stove design is brilliant! Been looking for something like this for years.. This is only the beginning for this design, I can see this being integrated as a "Green"side burner on pellet smoker/grill in the future. I am a preper and a chef by trade and this best option on the market for emergency home cooking.. If lite correctly with alcohol based starter on pellets, it literally make zero smoke. I can easily make perfect homemade beans in a pressure cooker, Or perfect stove top waffles with a camp iron. The dual burn pot is super smart. If you run out of fuel during cooking, you can simply remove the burn pot, and replace with other burn pot with more pellets and simply dump the embers from the other burn pot on top of the new pellets and continue cooking. I've tried other similarly made products, and none of them work as well as the mimi moto.. I love it so much, I've literally purchased 4 units, and 2 infrared heater inserts. Its also nice to see, someone has cared enough to create, invest time and energy to create a solution for 3rd world countries. Being a chef by trade, I've always been interested in 3rd world cooking solutions. Well this is it. Congratulations! To the creator and Thank you Smokehouse for supporting the cause!!!

Stove for your imagination.

Purchased the Mimi Moto not really buying into the claims made. Completely surprised and delighted. Workmanship and materials used in construction makes the stove a solid, portable unit. Cook times using generic pellets about 40min with small chamber, about 55min with large chamber, both set on #4 position. Heat output is amazing. Will be purchasing more Mimi Motos for gifts. Smoke House Products Rock!!!

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