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Adding a Smoke Chief to Your Traeger Grill

Written By: Smokehouse Products

Adding a Smoke Chief to your Traeger or any other type of grill is a great way to get A LOT more smoke when you need it most! We wanted to share a recent post on our Facebook page from Scott W about how he connected the Smoke Chief to his Traeger grill. You can see from the video just how much smoke is being produced from the Smoke Chief, which is attached on the right hand side of the grill. The Smoke Chief is a cold smoke generator so it is only producing cold smoke. This gives you the ability to control the heat with your grill and get maximum smoke with the Smoke Chief. It is a common issue when smoking foods, that when you try to adjust your temperature, either really low or really high, you tend to lose a lot of the smoke. With the Smoke Chief, you are assured to have maximum smoke no matter what temperature you have your grill set at... and you can even have maximum smoke with no temperature at all so that you can cold smoke cheese, salmon, or anything else you can think of. Have you ever had smoked ice cream? Here is another video courtesy of Scott where he is cold smoking cheese with his Smoke Chief setup on his Traeger.


Let us know if you have any questions on how to connect your Smoke Chief to your Traeger or any other grill.

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Created on Posted by Smokehouse Products Comment Link

Christina, the video should now be re-linked. You can also try this link (or copy and paste it into your browser) . Feel free to call our office for more details on connecting your Smoke Chief to your Traeger.

Created on Posted by Smokehouse Products Comment Link

Yes, John, the Smoke Chief will work no matter what temperature you have the pellet grill set at.

Created on Posted by Christina Sprankles Comment Link

I am looking for the video but it is no longer attached to this post? I am considering purchasing a Smoke Chief and I have a Traeger (Little Tex). I don’t want to get something that will not be compatible. Can you please re-link the video?

Created on Posted by Veronica Marks Comment Link

I’ve always wondered how people control the temperature if they are smoking something as well as grilling it. It sounds really nice to be able to control the heat with the grill alone by having cold smoke. I’d never heard of that before reading this because I’m just getting into the fun world of grilling and smoking. Hopefully my husband will get this for my birthday!

Created on Posted by john Comment Link

Does it work OK when you hot smoke in pellet grill

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