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How to Turn Your Big Green Egg into a Smoker

Written By: Smokehouse Products

Are you a Big Green Egg owner? Are you looking at the possibility of purchasing a Big Green Egg? If so, you should know that you can turn your Big Green Egg into a smoker! And not just any smoker, it could be used as either a hot or a cold smoker. How, you ask? ... with the Smoke Chief! The Smoke Chief is a cold smoke generator that easily attaches to any model grill of the Big Green Egg. The Smoke Chief produces an amazing amount of smoke, yet produces no heat. It operates on just a small cupful of BBQ pellets so it's a piece of cake to add any flavor of smoke to your Big Green Egg. Since the Smoke Chief is a cold smoke generator, you can use your grill as a cold smoker, or you can use heat from your charcoal and add smoke to the grilling/cooking your already doing on your Big Green Egg.


All you need is the Smoke Chief - Big Green Egg Adapter Kit to get your Big Green Egg set up as a smoker in just a few minutes. It works for all models of Big Green Egg grills, such as the Medium, Large and Extra Large grills. Using the bracket, the Smoke Chief is positioned for quick easy connection to the draft control on your Big Green Egg. Quick wing nut and bolt connectors fasten right onto the Big Green Egg nest. Adjust the shelf to the right height and angle and connect the Smoke Chief with the draft adapter (included). The draft adapter fits right into the slide draft controls for all the Big Green Egg model grills. The draft adapter can also be used separately from the adapter shelf meaning the Smoke Chief can be connected in almost any way imaginable. Once you have the Smoke Chief connected to your Big Green Egg, using the Smoke Chief - Big Green Egg Adapter Kit, you'll be ready to start searching for some new smoking recipes and your favorite flavor of BBQ Pellets. View the following Smoke Chief video for a view of the Smoke Chief in action on a Big Green Egg.


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