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The World of Woods for Smoking

Plan your wood flavors properly, and you’ll never get burned! Years ago, there was a TV commercial about how “a day without orange juice, was like a day without sunshine”. Bring that philosophy into the world of smoking meats, fish, poultry, sausage, jerky, vegetables and other favorite eats, and it ought to translate to… a smoker without good wood is nothing but a low temperature oven! Good wood for all your smoking adventures is absolutely critical to the process of turning out everything that comes off your BBQ or out of your smoker. Use woods that are not designed for...

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Should You Add Water to Your Wood Chips?

Written By: Smokehouse Products

You may have wondered... Should I add water to my wood chips or wood chunks before using them in the smoker? The answer is NO. You want to get smoke from the wood, not burn off water because you'll be steaming your foods, not smoking them. It is also important to get smoke on your food early, before it seals on the outside, and to do this you want your wood chips to smoke as quickly as possible. This is done by having extremely dry wood chips and chunks. That is why Smokehouse Wood Chips and Smokehouse Wood Chunks are...

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