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Smoked Cheese with "Cold Smoke" Technique

Written By: Smokehouse Products

Use any of the following harder cheeses: cheddar, jack, Swiss, beer, etc. Section into cubes approximately 1-1/2 inches thick. Place the cheese cubes on wire grills or plastic hardware cloth and smoke in the "cool box" technique (see instructions below) with 1 pan full of hickory flavored wood chips (about 50 minutes). Cover and allow cubes to set for an hour at room temperature before serving. Cut cubes into halves or quarters at a fancy angle for unique color shadings. Use smoked cheese in your favorite spreads or cheese balls. Softer cheeses may be left in larger sections and wrapped in cheese cloth before smoking. Smoke with Apple Wood Chips for 30 minutes only. Strong cheeses such as Roquefort, Limburger, Blue, etc may not lend themselves to smoking well, but if you're a real cheese nut, go ahead and try it. "Cold Smoke" Technique
  1. Remove your smokehouse from the box and the rack from the smokehouse.
  2. Place two 16" long sticks, 1" square (approx.) across the top of the smoker body.
  3. Place rack with product to be smoked on top of the sticks.
  4. Cut small hole in box for smoke to escape.
  5. Place smokehouse box UPSIDE DOWN over the rack and allow it to rest on the sticks, also.
  6. Smoke as per recipe instructions.

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