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Our drying screens are newly designed to give you more versatility when smoking and grilling. Now safe for temperatures up to 550° Fahrenheit (288° Celsius)! The screens are non-stick, dishwasher...
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Our drying screens are newly designed to give you more versatility when smoking and grilling. Now safe for temperatures up to 550° Fahrenheit (288° Celsius)! The screens are non-stick, dishwasher safe and designed to fit the Big or Little Chief Electric Smoker, however, they also work excellent with all grills, smokers and dehydrators. 

The non-stick drying and grilling screens are made of premium PTFE Teflon and are food safe with FDA approval. Simply place your food on the screens on the grills or grates of your smoker, grill or dehydrator. They eliminate your food from falling through the grates, and best of all, prevents your food from sticking to the grill grates.

The screens are perfect for all your smoked and grilled foods, including jerky, salmon, trout, other fish, vegetables, beef, pork, cheese, nuts, seafood and more! Packaging also includes the Smokehouse Original Smoked Salmon Recipe, plus a link to watch the recipe video.

Big Chief Drying/Grilling Screens are 10 in. x 16 in. and come with 5 per pack. Little Chief Drying/Grilling Screens are 10 in. x 10 in. and come with 4 per pack.

Customer Reviews

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Dick Southern
Stick no more

I smoke a lot of different things on my Little Chief. Fish, jerky, bacon among others were always slipping on the racks. Then there was the cleanup of the racks after a good smoke. Just a sticky mess. Now with the screens, it is an easy clean of the screens. Delivery time for the screens was surprising in that they arrived so quick after the order. The screens were an early Christmas gift.

Allen Blanchard
Great product

First thing, great service. Less than a week from order to delivery. One test only so far. First time ever for salmon fillets that did not stick to the cooking surface. Clean up the following day was quick and easy. Look forward to using one for my next smoked meatloaf.

Very versatile product!

Use these for almost everything I smoke in my Big Chief... fish, jerky, cheese. Also occasionally use them on my grill too! Great product

Buy TWO...... I DID!

I bought a Treager Smoker over this pandemic stuff started. I bought a set of these and smoked some salmon when I went to glase them the fish slid to my surprise. After the smoking process was over and started my cleaning the things I was even more surprised they cleaned up so well....So I tried Baby back ribs on them Did slide as much due to the ribs being alot more messy. But again they cleaned up great... I like that you can pick up the screen with you meat on them to transfer to a plate... Well I need 6 10x16 sheets to fill my smoker so I just HAD TO ORDER ANOTHER SET. BTW I figured if they every wear out Ill have some extra one on hand.

John Reeves
Cleanup so much easier!

Got the screens to ease the cleanup from residue on chrome racks of my Little Chief. Definitely worked for that. Made some jerky and flavored a roast, and both times the racks were much easier to clean. The screens themselves also cleaned up easily with a quick sponge off in soapy water. My only caution is to keep the rack level as you are moving from kitchen to smoker, particulary with something heavy like a roast, that easy to clean is also slippery and the screen can slide right off the rack if you're not careful! Looks worth the money so far and plan to use them every time going forward!

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