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The Smoke Chief is a revolutionary new smoker device that can turn any grill into a smoker in a matter of a few minutes. It works on gas grills, charcoal grills, pellet grills, egg-shaped grills, other smokers, and all kinds of other devices. So instead of having both a grill and a smoker, you can now turn your current grill into a smoker. The Smoke Chief is a cold smoke generator so you can smoke everything from cheese to ribs and briskets. For hot smoke foods, just use the heat from your grill.  The Smoke Chief attaches to your grill in just a few minutes and operates on a small cup of BBQ Pellets so you can choose from your favorite wood smoke flavors such as Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite and Alder.

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Our staff at Smokehouse Products loves using our smokers and accessories as much as we enjoy making them. So when we start mixing up our favorite foods, we enjoy sharing those experiences with you. Check out our videos for step by step instructions on smoking jerky, sausage, salmon, cheese, ribs, briskets and so much more. These recipes are made using a variety of our products including the Big Chief, Little Chief and Mini Chief Electric Smokers, our Gas Smoker Cookers, our Wood Chips, Chunks and BBQ Pellets, our Brines and Mixes, our Sausage Kit, and all our accessories.

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Smokehouse Products is located in the beautiful Hood River Valley in the heart of The Columbia River Gorge. The Little Chief® electric smoker was introduced in 1968 and enjoyed such success that the Mini Chief® and Big Chief® smokers soon followed.

Today Smokehouse Products offers a full line of smoker accessories, including five flavors of chips and chunks, sausage making kits, sausage mixes, seasonings, jerky and dry rub mixes, drying screens, smoker insulation blankets, and replacement parts.

Smokehouse Products is committed to supplying our customers with the very best smoker accessories on the market today and will continue to look for ways to enhance your experience using the Big Chief®, Little Chief®, and Mini Chief® smokers.


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