*Little Chief Top Load limited to inventory in 2020 style packaging

Drying/Grilling Screens

Our drying screens are newly designed to give you more versatility when smoking and grilling. Now safe for temperatures up to 550° Fahrenheit (288° Celsius)! The screens are non-stick, dishwasher safe and designed to fit the Big or Little Chief Electric Smoker, however, they also work excellent with all grills, smokers and dehydrators. 

The non-stick drying and grilling screens are made of premium PTFE Teflon and are food safe with FDA approval. Simply place your food on the screens on the grills or grates of your smoker, grill or dehydrator. They eliminate your food from falling through the grates, and best of all, prevents your food from sticking to the grill grates.

The screens are perfect for all your smoked and grilled foods, including jerky, salmon, trout, other fish, vegetables, beef, pork, cheese, nuts, seafood and more! Packaging also includes the Smokehouse Original Smoked Salmon Recipe, plus a link to watch the recipe video.

Big Chief Drying/Grilling Screens are 10 in. x 16 in. and come with 5 per pack. Little Chief Drying/Grilling Screens are 10 in. x 10 in. and come with 4 per pack.

$ 29.99
Insulation Blanket

The wrap-around Smoker Insulation Blanket is the newest innovation for keeping the heat in your smoker during extreme weather conditions and promotes very even smoking and heat consistency.

These are one size fits all, so if you have a Big Chief Smoker, the Insulation Blanket will go all the way around the unit, and if you have a Little Chief Smoker, it will go around almost twice, with Velcro provided as a closer.

Fits Big Chief and Little Chief Electric Smokers.

$ 34.99
Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker

Convenient to load with all the same functions as the Little Chief Front Load smoker. The top loader requires a little extra muscle to load and unload the rack through the top of the smoker, but it provides an added convenience to be able to move all your grill racks at once.

The Little Chief has been smoking fish, jerky, sausage, cheeses and everything else man can think of to smoke since 1968. Today, the Little Chief is as popular as it ever was because it simply produces great results. What more could you ask for unless you prefer to wrestle with your smoker trying to dial in fluctuating temperatures, dealing with wood that won't smoke, and wondering why the Wi-Fi techy Bluetooth thing just won't flipping work! Forget all that hassle and stick with what works... and has been proven to work for over 50 years.

The Little Chief will give you a consistent low temperature (165 degrees Fahrenheit) that you need to smoke foods. This way you never have to worry that your temperature shot up and you're now cooking and ruining your expensive, well-earned batch of salmon or jerky. Keep it simple so you have more time to put your feet up, watch the smoke barrel out of your smoker, and tell your friends your best new jokes.

Here's even more ways the Little Chief makes smoking simple. First it just plugs into a standard household outlet (use an outside one of course). Next, once you have your food loaded in the smoker on the easily removable easy-slide chrome plated grills, you can close the door and access your wood flavor pan without ever opening the door again. The wood flavor pan can be inserted and removed without losing any heat or dealing with fluctuating temps. Just choose your favorite flavor of Smokehouse Wood Chips and you're guaranteed to be getting an amazing amount of smoke... even with the smoker temperature at just 165 degrees!

If you're wondering what all you can smoke in a Little Chief, well here is a short list of what you can do because the possibilities are endless... salmon, trout, other fish, jerky, sausage, turkey, bacon, hams, steaks, ribs, pork butts, brisket, fruits, nuts, and cheeses. The Little Chief is even used by native tribes in the heart of Alaska to get that traditional smoked flavor.  Just remember when smoking those large meats like a pork butt or a brisket, you'll smoke it thoroughly in the Little Chief and then finish the meat off in an oven or on a grill to get to that target internal temperature... everything else you can continue to dehydrate in the Little Chief until you reach the flavor you want.

The Little Chief Front Load Electric Smoker is our original model. Here's a quick list of features and specs on the smoker:

The Little Chief Top Load Smoker includes...
Smoker, of course, with 4 Easy-slide Chrome plated grills, electric cord, drip pan, and wood flavor pan,
Free bag of Smokehouse Alder Wood Chips, and
Free Recipe Booklet and complete operating instructions.
Smoker Size: 24-1/2" H x 11-1/2" W x 11-1/2" D
Capacity: Smokes up to 25 pounds of meat or fish.
Ventilation: Engineered for premium smoke ventilation for premium smoke circulation and proper dehydration.
Safety: Smoker comes with UL and CUL certifications.
Consistent low temperature setting using a 120V, 250W heating element for approximately 165°F.
Easy to use... plugs into standard household outlet and has easy to use wood chip flavor pan.
Construction: Durable, embossed aluminum construction that is also lightweight, easy to transport and easy to store.
2 Year Warranty: Guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years.


Since 1968, the Little Chief has been used by our father, and our father's father. It is a tradition to come together with family and friends to share the heritage of producing only the best smoked foods. It is time we share it with you.


 California Proposition 65 WarningCancer and Reproductive Harm-

$ 179.00
Mimi Moto Heat Diffuser

The Heavy Gauge Heat Diffuser Accessory is specifically designed to be used with the Mimi Moto Ultimate Wood-Fired Cookstove. The 3mm plate diffuses heat to create a larger cooking surface and can be used on other grills and BBQ's.

20% Thicker than the competition.

The Mimi Moto Heat Diffuser Accessory can be easily removed with the Mimi Moto tool when hot (if needed). Please note that the Mimi Moto cookstove is sold separately and does not come with the Diffuser accessory. 

$ 29.99
Mimi Moto Infrared Heater Accessory

Turn your Mimi Moto into the ultimate heater. The Mimi Moto Infrared Heater Accessory drops right on top of the Mimi Moto Ultimate Wood-Fired Cookstove and locks onto the stainless pan supports. The intense heat from the wood burning cookstove is absorbed by the inner components of the heater accessory and redirects the heat outwards for a comfortable warmth on cold days.

The full height of the Mimi Moto cookstove with the heater accessory is about 20 inches so it is perfect as a tabletop heater for your backyard, patio, picnic table, or just placed on the ground to sit around. The top of the heater can also be used as a warming surface to keep your coffee warm or for other similar uses.

The Mimi Moto Infrared Heater Accessory comes with a connection for the Mimi Moto tool so that you can easily remove the heater when hot (if needed). Please note that the Mimi Moto cookstove is sold separately and does not come with the heater accessory. 

$ 59.00
Mimi Moto Ultimate Wood-Fired Cookstove

ULTIMATE WOOD-FIRED COOKSTOVE. Wood-fired cooking now available in a portable camp stove. The Mimi Moto is fueled by wood and can be used to cook, grill, griddle, boil water and as a heater (among other uses). Forget cooking on portable gas stoves and carrying propane cylinders in your car. The Mimi Moto is bringing clean, wood-fired cooking and heating to families that are car camping, RVing, ice fishing, emergency preparedness and more.


  • Above 50% thermal efficiency
  • Exchangeable burning chambers
  • Continuous cooking
  • On grid USB charging and off grid solar power (optional)
  • Up to 20,000 BTU's of heat
  • Low carbon monoxide and particulate matter emissions
  • Optimized for all cooking tasks
  • Internal rechargeable battery


The Mimi Moto works as a forced air gasifier stove by gasifying wood instead of burning it directly (like in an open fire). The extracted gasses burn as a clean and controllable flame through the use of the integrated variable fan. Here in the US, it's recommended to burn hardwood BBQ pellets in the Mimi Moto.


The Mimi Moto has two patented exchangeable burners that can handle any cooking situation. The large burn chamber produces a high power flame for cooking with large pots or when high heat is needed, up to 20,000 BTU. The small burn chamber is specifically designed for low power simmering.

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 California Proposition 65 WarningCancer and Reproductive Harm-

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