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Alder Grilling Planks-3 Pack

Price: $12.99

Approx. 14.5" L (39.37 cm.) x 5.5" W (13.97 cm.)
Add Delicious Wood Smoke Flavor to Everything You Grill or Bar-B-Que!
100% Natural Pacific Northwest Alder adds a Delicate Smokey Flavor while retaining a slightly sweet quality. Best for: POULTRY, FISH, PORK, VEGETABLES.
1) Soak Plank in water for 45-60 minutes.
2) Prepare Plank-Bring plank to cooking temperature by heating on bar-b-que grill, at low heat for 5 minutes. Brush a light coating of olive or vegetable oil on top surface only of plank. Place seasoned food on plank.
3) Grill/Bar-B-Que-Use lowest setting on a gas grill or low charcoal heat. Place plank directly over the heat source. Cook with lid closed so smoke will surround and infuse the food. When plank begins to smoke, after 15-20 minutes, check for flame on plank. Use a spray bottle filled with water to extinguish any flame on the plank. Check with a meat thermometer to test for doneness, especially poultry. Discard plank after use. ENJOY!