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Smoker Handle Kit 3-Pack

Price: $4.29

Replacement Smoker Handle Kit 3-Pack for Big Chief, Little Chief, and Mini Chief Smokers. All Smokehouse electric smokers include a packet of carrying or access handles, for your convenience. These are packed separately to ensure against damage in shipping and handling prior to their use.

All Smokehouse Products electric smokers have two pre-drilled holes in the top or side panels to accommodate the handles provided. We recommend that the handles be placed in the sides of all models for carrying purposes and ease of handling. Front load models (9894 and 9900) also have two holes in the front door panel. Placement of a handle in this door panel is necessary to provide easy access to the inside of the unit. We also suggest that you attach a handle to the lid of ALL top-loading models (9800, 9801, and 9890) to facilitate carrying and handling.

The handle packet includes three aluminum handles and six bolts with matching nuts.